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Invitation to the Complex of Schools in Gogołów



Dear Erasmus Students!

Gogołów is a small, but very picturesque village, located around 25 kilometers from Krosno. In Gogołów there is the complex of schools and we would like to invite you to us so that our students can meet you and thus broaden their minds, use foreign languages and get to know new interests and new cultures. We will try to do everything so that you could enjoy your stay in village. We would like you to come up with ideas for games for our students to show them a bit of your culture and traditions or to carry out a lesson during which they can learn simply words in your languages.

I hope you will be interested in our offer and that you will spend a great time in our village!

Schedule: 18.01.2013r.

- 10.00 - departure from Statoil Gas Station, Krosno, Podkarpacka Street
- 11.00 -13.30 - stay in ski resort / funs on snow, in case of lack of snow, horse-drawn t/
- 14.00 - stay at school on the New Year's ball with kids and youth, common funs, dances etc.
- Departure back 



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